Special Area

    Whispering Oak Elementary students are exposed to art, music and P.E. curriculum through our Special Area rotation. Each classroom attends a Special Area class daily.  These classes greatly enhance the regular curriculum.  Our students also participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities and learn research skills through our Media Center. 

The art program, taught by Ms. Dana Christopher, is set up to create a variety of artworks that truly support  standards based art benchmarks  which include  painting, printing, drawing, art history, aesthetics and art criticism.                                                     

P.E. class is taught three times per week to each student. Teacher Christie Jewell covers a variety of skills, including team and individual sports, teamwork, cooperative paly, health, physical fitness/strength training, and fine and gross motor skills.

Mrs. Alison Van Swearingen's music room is where the students come to learn basic music skills, including proper singing technique, keeping a steady beat, playing rhythms, and moving to a variety of sound sources. These tasks are accomplished through a wide range of activities, such as songs, poems, books, dancing, composition and instrument play.

Mrs. Connie Murphy oversees the STEM Lab at Whispering Oak Elementary. The purpose of STEM is to combine rigorous academic concepts with real world experiences as students use science, technology, engineering, and math skills to solve engineering design challenges.

Students visit Mrs. Nimisha Chotai in the Whispering Oak Media Center, to learn research skills and check out library books to take home.  The students participate in the Accelerated Reading Program, read the latest Sunshine State books and take part in various media competitions.  Mrs. Chotai also produces the morning announcements each day with the assistance of her fifth grade production team.