Media Center

The Dr. Patrica Ramsey Media Center is the heart of our school. Students use the Media Center to work in the computer skills lab, conduct research for a variety of projects, and, of course, borrow books for the enjoyment of reading. Faculty and staff utilize the center for training. Parent groups such as SAC and PTO also enjoy the meeting space provided to discuss various issues related to the home/school community partnership.

Students visit Mrs. Chotai in the Dr. Patricia Ramsey Media Center to learn research skills as well as check out library books to take home. The students participate in the Accelerated Reading Program, read the latest Sunshine State books and take part in various media competitions. Mrs. Chotai also produces the morning announcements each day with the assistance of her fifth grade production team.

The Dr. Patricia Ramsey Media Center also houses a computer lab that can be utilized for whole class lessons, individualized instruction, and multi-media projects.