Emergency Procedures

Orange County Public Schools and Central Florida News 13 have developed a partnership to help provide timely and accurate school information during an emergency situation. Tune in to News 13 or one of their media partners. You can be sure the information on News 13 comes directly from the school system.

Whispering Oak prides itself in being a safe environment for all who are on our campus. Students practice a variety of procedures so they will be well prepared in case of an emergency. Some of the drills they practice are:

  • Fire/Evacuation Drill

  • Severe Weather Drill

  • Bus Evacuation Drill

Students may be required to exit the building to a designated area for an evacuation drill, get in a protected, duck and cover position for a severe weather drill, or be locked in a classroom if there is suspicious activity on or near campus. Orange County Schools work closely with our law enforcement agencies who alert schools when there is a possible dangerous situation in the school neighborhood.

For further information, please view the Orange County Public Schools Emergency Manual at: